1) Concept and solutions by SGEF

Our rental finance services offer you two possible options: by signing Individual Agreements for sporadic rentals, customized services for financing rental agreements can be designed. Furthermore by creating a Framework Agreement through which regular rentals can be offered. This agreement is a credit facility that can be used flexibly and allows easy processing of new rentals.

2) Concept and solutions by PEMA

More and more companies are being won over by the cost and time benefits of renting. The alternative is to rent new, high-quality vehicles and in so doing assemble your fleet of vehicles to reflect your needs. By integration of the PEMA Group to Societe Generale Equipment Finance, we are able to continuously expand our portfolio. PEMA can offer you its experience on a full range of purchasing, financing, leasing and rental services with high level of quality.

3) Benefits

  • PEMA reduces the complexity of organization and risks associated with having your own fleet of vehicles.
  • PEMA organises - in accordance with the requirements of the specific country - the payment of all tolls and takes care of the necessary vehicle insurance policies and taxes.
  • PEMA offers individual service with vehicles liveried in your corporate design, replace worn-out tyres, ensure that all maintenance and inspection intervals are complied with, and provide you with a replacement vehicle if required. This is all inclusive at constant, guaranteed rental rates.
  • PEMA is able to offer you short-term, medium-term or long-term contracts with a term of up to four years.